Persephone Rising is an Improvisational Tribal Style and fusion bellydance troupe affiliated with Tribal Bellies dance studio in Huntingdon Valley, PA. The group has came together under the direction of Vikki Gale, with the goal to share their love of Tribal bellydance with each other and the wider community. The members of Persephone Rising have rich dance and movement backgrounds; along with their dedication to the advancement of the Tribal Bellies format, each of them has danced with some of the most recognized tribal and fusion bellydance troupes in the greater Philadelphia region.

Although Tribal Bellies Dance Studio and Persephone Rising have their own unique dance vocabulary, they trace their dance roots to the formation of the “American Tribal Style” and Gypsy Caravan style bellydance that originated in the US in the early 1970s. Tribal bellydance is a fusion of various ethnic and folkloric dances, including Raqs Sharqi (traditional Egyptian bellydance) and dance movements from India, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Spain. The dance is performed as a “tribe” using synchronized group improvisation. Group improvisation is one of the features that make this dance style so unique – the dance itself becomes a language that the dancers use to communicate with each other, allowing for seamless transitions and giving the appearance of a choreographed performance. The moves in Tribal Style bellydance are controlled and earthy, emphasizing the strength and beauty of the dancers, and each performance showcases the camaraderie that develops between individuals working closely together to create an on-the-spot celebration of dance.

Persephone Rising loves to perform at all types of events and venues and can tailor their performances to fit almost any theme. If you would like to learn more about us, or are interested in having the troupe be a memorable part of your event, please contact us!